wolf pack


the wolf pack

in july 2018, i came back to san antonio from kailua-kona, big island, hawai'i feeling defeated and broken. unbeknownst to me, the opportunity to reconnect with an old homie presented a silver lining in the midst of my quest to try and tackle on my own, the seemingly impossible task of bouncing back from a devastating, and what i can only conclude to be, a life-changing breakup. i met patrick back in shanghai in early february of 2017 at no. 278 wuxing road in xuhui, shanghai, on a normal winter weeknight. patrick is someone that i have always looked up to. his drive, his hope and optimism, his work ethic and what i admired and respected most, his fearlessness. simply because, i knew i lacked in these areas of his strengths. as we got to know one another more throughout the course of the year, i realized that we both had aspirations to attain a level of happiness cultivated from a desire to be creative in a capacity that we hadn't believed possible only a few years ago. his interest and passion to learn and develop as a videographer and my aspirations to develop and improve as a photographer was a common thread that has kept us in touch even as he left shanghai. 

fast forward to july 2018, patrick and i were both in san antonio and linked up after some planning and scheduling to help promote his childhood friend, and super dope r&b and rap artist, phillip wolf. i had been so inspired by renell medrano and her documentary photo essay for untitled youth at the time as well as vicky grout and her london analog grime portraits , but was frozen and paralyzed from a broken heart that i was so discouraged, fearful and full of self-doubt to do, or create anything. i passed on several opportunities back in kona the couple weeks prior to this because my lack of self-esteem, confidence and love for myself kept me inside my moms house and away from the possibilities that stood only footsteps from the entry door. 

in short, the following collection of photos is a pictorial essay and quick summer tale of two childhood best friends, creators, supporters and teammates that continue to work together to push and earn the rights of listeners to hear the magic and heartfelt tunes that can only be described as a byproduct of living in america under the influence of heart, hype, hope and happiness. this is a meaningful set of photos to me, as it was my first step taking a positive step forward after several weeks of falling, getting back up only take steps backwards and fall again. every day has been a different battle, but starting today it doesn't matter what others think of my work if it means a lot to more ways than what it looks like on print or on the screen in front of you. thanks as always for stopping by and checking this out. phillip will be pretty busy promoting his new album in san antonio for the rest of this summer and this fall, so if you're around the area i highly suggest and recommend hopping on and putting his stuff on one of your playlists before all your other friends do. i don't want to be the one to tell you "i told you so..."

as always, you can reach me here if you want. all the best, fo sho.