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shanghai fashion week


back in april i was walking in xintiandi to check out one of my favorite local stores, DOE, and stumbled upon a shanghai fashion week event. a lot of hip and trendy young folks looking fresh and fly. i happened to see dave tacon (click here for more of his stuff), a mutual friend, doing some commissioned work and kinda just hung out there for a little taking some photos. i only had my yashica t3 (aka kyocera t-scope) with me and a few rolls of film. it was good to practice getting some photos in a style that i had been wanting to try. but, still learning and trying to figure out how to expose and be consistent with the the older film point & shoots. i figured a bunch of photos sitting on my external doesn't do me any good so i'm making it a point to post and share so i don't have to be the only one viewing them =] thanks for checking it out. holla here to get in touch, fo sho.