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sneaker con shanghai


back in may i was able to check out sneakercon and their first appearance in shanghai. a massive event that was undoubtedly an experience to remember. i’ve never been to a sneakercon before, so for them to throw such a huge event in shanghai was super dope to be a part of. tons of heat, impossible to catch all on camera, but i was able to snap a few pics of the experience. tons guests (that i didn’t necessarily see) but such a cool atmosphere nonetheless. china’s sneaker and streetwear culture is a topic of discussion that needs its own separate post but overall very thankful for the zhuoman pr team-play smart, especially amanda, to save an extra ticket while they worked the adidas booth for their clients.

the sacai ldv waffle stole the show that weekend, but i heard some iconic dunk sb’s were bought for some crazy paper. i parked myself at the sellers pit and tried to unload a couple pairs. was able to dump the acrnym vapor mocs but currently still left with the presto’s. to be honest this past calendar year has been really low on sneaker cops. mostly been on an apparel hunt updating my wardrobe, but also being unable to score or really compete for the releases i really want without considering the resale prices has desensitized my reaction to catching L’s on release days.

really thankful for some of the experiences i’ve had since being in shanghai, this is another that cracks the list. some pics from the last afternoon on sunday in a gallery view. will be heading to hawaii and europe for the summer holiday, praying and hoping that i have enough money to survive until the end of august when i get paid again. wish me luck…it’s going to be a long and penny pinching summer (at least for the first half). stay in touch, safe travels and all the best wherever you might be reading this from. holla here if you bored lol. leave a comment below hahahaha! all love, all the time, peace fo sho.