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john elliott x lbj . HIPANDA


a couple weekends ago, amanda asked me to attend the launch party at nike lab x158 for the john elliott x lbj collab. she mentioned that lbj would be in shanghai but i was skeptical up until the day the before when pics and videos surfaced on weibo and wechat about him being in town. i thought damn, could i really see the chosen 1 in the flesh?! well needless to say, i didn't. his panel talk at nike lab was media only and he wasn't actually going to be in attendance for the launch afterwards. he must have left about an hour before i got there, but at least i was in the same room as he was...thats cool...i guess. but upstairs they had some cool displays and installations. i included some pics below. overall, cool experience! i've always wanted to attend an event at nike lab, this was my first. i was pretty happy and thankful for being able to go. one day i won't have to hope i get invited, and instead i'll just get invited directly haha. (p.s, peep ya boi in d vid lol)

afterwards, amanda asked me to join her and johnny to the hipanda s/s 19 runway show. it was cool, they had some cool looking models. johnny was able to get some great pics at the front of the runway, but i only took a few from where i was sitting. i was able to say hi to milky as well, whom i haven't seen in a while which was coo. she has always been nice to me hehe. 

the last time i wrote, i was still struggling. i think the past two weeks have definitely helped me heal. it's been nearly 3 months. i feel less inclined to keep up with her social media, and subsiding interest or urge to want to talk and get in contact in any capacity. there are spurts of moments where i have no desire to have anything to do with her after being so admittedly crazy about her. life is funny. nothing lasts forever. maybe i'm just being bitter, finding reasons to not care or just detaching completely. i messed up but i still wanted to give it go. maybe she really was guilt free with clean hands? i wanted to make things right. she didn't. too little too late, as she would say. she found someone else (what i thought was really quick, but it's not about what i think). she's not interested and i shouldn't be either. i find comfort knowing that my relationship with my sister has taken a turn for the better because of this. i'm really thankful for that. she surprisingly makes a lot more sense than i would have ever anticipated. i wish she took her own advice though...LOL. but regardless, i'm not all the way there yet, but i do see the light. i don't think we ever truly ever forget about things, we just learn to live with them as their significance and priority in our lives gradually fades. over time, its just another thing that happened. but, that's hard to see at the time when you're so emotionally invested. alas, we live and we learn while learning to live. thanks for stopping by. more pics coming soon. i need to get some rolls of film developed as i'm finishing up making issue 02 of grinfluenza mag! stay tuned for that, as i hope to have that done by the end of september. i'll definitely post on the site and hopefully make some printed copies to leave around some spots in shanghai. cheers, for sho guys and gals. as the internet would say (syd), it gets getter with time. see ya. 

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