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17 hours in LA


after bkk, phuket and shanghai, i made my way to the states but made a quick stop in LA. i've never spent any extended time in LA so this was my first time getting to see the city beyond LAX. my finances were pretty low to begin with after moving apartments, but took a big hit within the first hour that i was in LA. long story short, exchanged currency and lost 130 bones and didn't have a sim card and thus was forced to taxi to my airbnb for the night in koreatown. 2 hunnid in damage within the first no happy guy. 

i wish i took more photos, but everything closed so early in LA and i was rushed to make the most of the time i was there. it didn't help it was a monday but most of the retail shops closed at 7. i stopped at bodega in the warehouse district to check out the spot which i would highly recommend! and then made my way to kith since tokyo only had kith treats. i really appreciated the environment, atmosphere and employee interaction at both spaces. there was definitely a focus and priority for the customer experience. its an element of the shopping experience that i think a lot of retailers and larger companies miss when they open a brick and mortar store. it's always one of the reasons why i hold japan's shopping experience in such high regard. 

after kith, wisith, a friend from niketalk picked me up and took me for food and drinks at rock sugar. it was really nice connecting and meeting up with him after being in touch all these years through niketalk and instagram. we had a great chat about life, goals and aspirations. one thing that he told me that really stuck with me was when he told me "if i have to think about it, i'm just gonna do it". an ode to embracing the challenge and stepping outside of the comfort zone. it really hits home for me now that im 28 and approaching 30 with dreams of transitioning career fields in an effort find work that truly makes me happy. you can visit his website here or hit him up on instagram @wisithj . thanks again man for being so welcoming and showing me around the city. i definitely owe you one when you come to visit my side lol. 

since i only stayed one night, the morning of my flight i woke up at 5am. after showering and deciding against staying in until my flight, i decided to make a run to lacma since it wasn't too far away. i got lucky that the lights were still on and was able to get a couple photos. as soon as i decided that i was done, the lights turned off for the morning. perfect timing. i decided to uber to venice beach knowing that there was an eggslut nearby. after walking around and hopping on a bird scooter to cover a little more ground, i took some time to sit on the beach and just listen to the water. it was a quiet tuesday morning with not a lot of people along the shore. it was peaceful and calming despite so much going through my head (more to come on that in the next few posts). i wish i could say it was an immediate cure and antidote to the feelings that i've been experiencing recently, but it definitely helped. 

heres a very small amount of pics from LA. like i mentioned, i wish i could have included more, but it's just more motivation and reasons to come back and stay even longer to get the most of the city. thanks for stopping by, and hit me up here to get in touch and say what's up. hope all is well for everyone and hope to see you soon if you happen in to be San Antonio cheers, fo sho.