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japan in film


back at the beginning of april i used a holiday to spend some time in japan. these pics are from the same trip as my tokyo pick up post. check out the link if you haven't yet seen some of my purchases in japan. as i've mentioned in some recent posts, i've been really trying to shoot more film recently. there's a novelty behind shooting film that makes it really nostalgic. i feel like im always chasing for the next shot, and waiting to get rolls developed and seeing the photos for the first time is a feeling and experience digital just can't replicate. as a result, i've invested in another film body (contax t2) while currently saving up for the fujifilm klasse in hopes that I won't feel obligated to take around a big, chunky and heavy dslr during my travels anymore. here are some film pics from my most recent trip, including a couple from 1oak, where my friend and dj, raimu, was playing. it was my first time in the roppongi area tbh, and my first visit at 1oak. was a good time! i caught the very tail end of the sakura season, and headed to the meguro river in hopes that i might be able to check out the sakura that i always see on instagram. the petals had fallen and only a few trees had flowers. still a great sight nonetheless thanks for stopping by, get in touch to say what's up...or sho!