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tokyo pickups

spent the spring break in tokyo. getting there was a complete mess, shoutout to the customer service at agoda for sucking harder than an oreck. so bad. terrible. still duckin and dodgin my emails that desperately plead for assistance and support. won't respond, won't reply, won't follow up. smh. SMH. SMDFH!!! it is what it is...

i had a list of about 5 pairs of shoes that i was really hoping to catch sitting on shelves but only crossed off one during the trip. definitely wishful thinking. instead, picked up a couple colorways of the vapor street react that were in abundance at every footwear retailer, but mythical here in shanghai. other than shoes, i don't buy much clothes in china so i usually save my trips to tokyo for the bulk of any clothing purchases. most of the haul this time was TNF purple label heavy, and a pair of columbia black label shorts. both labels are exclusive to japan and have different cuts and fits than traditional TNF and columbia pieces supplied by merchants like r.e.i or other mainstream outdoor retailers in the states. i forgot to take a pic of the button up big tree shirt from nanamica mountain so i just added the pic that my friend alissa used for her bag design project lol. that bag in particular isn't for sale but her and her partner created it. i dig. picked up 4 bottoms but the angler vest is by far my favorite of the haul. the pockets are so functional and practical, it really eliminates having to carry a bag to carry some of the smaller things i need day-to-day. but still, picked up a couple bags from mt. rainier design and TNF. grabbed a couple pairs of socks from japan-champion on cat street and stopped by worm to check out their shoes and snag a store tee. stocked up on mens fashion magazines and picked up some shirts from noah whose clubhouse store in harajuku is super dope. theres something about shopping in japan and places like dover street market that make you appreciate the customer shopping experience. something that you really can't find at your local mall, which i think why a lot of brands are closing down locations of their brick and mortar stores. 

been shooting a lot of film recently, so i have some photos that i'll be posting and sharing later this week. thanks for stopping by and checking in, holla HERE to say what up or talk some smack. be back later with a couple photo updates about hanging out with raimu and sabrina in japan, as well as some pics about some happenings and daily life here in shanghai . . . fo sho!