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bc3 - the GOAT?


need i really say more?

ok first of all, i've been in shanghai for about a year and a half and i still can't ever figure out when most releases are. could be a language thing, or just neglecting to source the info and put in a little leg work from my end. regardless, i knew that these hit the snkrs app early in the states. my 2011 pair (which were sitting in waco's richland mall days after the release; mind blown) are still sitting in SA at my mom's, dad's place in a box. saturday afternoon i stopped by the nike flagship store on huaihai road out of boredom as i usually do and saw these sitting on the shelf. i rushed over to an employee and asked for a US 8.5 since the 9's, even from 2011, ran too long for me. alas, victory! scored a pair and here are a few pics in all their glory before they get beat to death for the remainder of shanghai's cold winter. i've never actually doubled up on a shoe before but i think that may end with these. they killed these with the nike air, and i doubt ill be wearing anything else in the rotation for the rest of the winter that aren't a 97 or these. i'm not actually a huge jordan head but these are timeless, classic and simply undeniable. there's just really not much more to be said about these other than they're arguably the GOAT of the entire AJ line. bred 4's with the nike air will be an auto cop if available as well. i strike out on all the 1's so i just pretend that those don't exist. 

i've been trying to figure out and navigate the of 98's around shanghai but as usual, i don't know when they're supposed to release even though nearly everywhere else has them still sitting on the walls. i'll be visiting the states in about 2 weeks so hopefully i can score a pair when i'm there. thanks for indulging in shoe pr0n wiz me. holla at me HERE to catch up or talk some smack. all good wiz me. take care and all the best to everyone, cheers fo sho. 



my friend li let me have a look at his off white aj 1's. i struck out on all the raffles as usual but it was pretty dope to see in person! thanks, li. the details are pretty crazy but i can't lie, its super dope and quite possibly the shoe of the year for 2017. 


and a random pic of my view on a typical sunday because i liked the lighting...shrug...