smack talk

things i may, or may not say out loud.



been trying to make an effort to take more photos recently. if i could, one sitter per week would be dope. that's what i'm aiming for. i have a couple albums that i've fallen behind on so i'll be including those in the updates that follow. this is jojo, or 99, since that's what it sounds like in chinese. she's a tattoo artist here in shanghai and clearly has some saucy ink herself, as one would expect. i've bought a led light stick recently, and have just been messing around trying some different things with whoever is patient enough to let me experiment with. i've been shooting at home with a small little backdrop set and some small lights. really been feeling the colored vibes lately but hoping to shoot more conceptual stuff in the future. it's nice not having to search and scout places to take photos at, especially since it's been way too cold recently.

it snowed in shanghai for like two days and we even got a snow day on a friday. was a nice way to end the week, i'll take it whenever i can! i wish i took more pics of the snow around the city but for real, i don't even leave my place much these days just because its too damn cold. i like layering up and dressing for the weather, but once im outside walking and my lips and entire face start to become dry and chapped, thats when i know i need to bounce and head back home. usually after about 30 minutes or so. still a san antonian, anything less than 40 i'll always consider freezing to me.

my place doesnt allow me to heat higher than 30 celsius, so i had to buy a small space heater to give my place a little extra juice to keep me reasonably warm at night. before getting the space heater my feet and toes would be freezing, it was because all the warm air rose to the ceiling and the floor stayed colder than my mom's jokes. to be completely honest, i've actually had to skip some showers because my bathroom is one degree away from being an ice box and i hate walking in and enduring the pain from the piercing cold that seeps through the windows next to my shower. shameless, but that thang way too cold mang. hammmercy, geeze. 

anyways, thanks for stopping by and checking in. if you haven't already, hit me up HERE to catch up, it's always nice hearing and getting in touch with people that come across this site =]. cheers everyone and good vibez all around, fo sho.