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kona, big island


this update is probably a couple weeks past due, but who’s keeping track? a few photos from my first trip to hawaii to visit my mom and her husband at their new home in kona. didn’t get to make it to honolulu this time around, but i’ll be sure to make a stop and check it out the next time i head out that way, fo sho.  

was there for about a week and this break was by far one of the most relaxing, chill and restful holidays i’ve had in while. just whole lotta eatin’ n sleepin’. i gained a good 5-8 pounds in about a 6 days. the food wouldn’t stop and i couldn’t say no. gonna try getting back on keto, but that’s no easy task for some. sugar and carbs are crack. gotta be more disciplined…

the weather, scenery and sunsets were incredible in kona. at night there was almost no light pollution and seeing the stars light up the sky was definitely a breath of fresh air, literally. i wish i knew how to photoshop more proficiently but the slight breeze totally threw me for a loop with the trees when i tried to get some long exposure astro stuff at night. coming back to shanghai was tough. i love being in a big city for now, but inhaling clean air should never be taken for granted. 

i saved the best photos for last. the foodz. finally got to dig in on some hawaiian shaved ice and killed two birds with one stone getting halo halo flavored ice since there aren't any filipino desserts or restaurants locally here in shanghai. the local loco moco’s were everything i imagined plus more, and i saved the best photo for last in the post below…glorious poke. real, hearty, fresh and fatty poke. serving sizes tripled in comparison to anywhere else i’ve ever gotten poke, salmon, tuna avocado galore with macaroni salad on the side. big boy size. das rite, just like the menu says. you read about poke and see it in photos especially now that it seems like theres a new poke place popping up every week. but as well all know, it’s a completely different experience once you get to put it in yo mouf. party time.

to wrap it up…thanks for checking in, new post already in the works. merry christmas, happy new year and happy holidays to everyone. chinese new year comin soon so cheers to that as well. drop by here to get in touch, leave a message or talk some smack. thanks again y’all, fo sho