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more life, more updates...


it's been a while. it's been a "busy" while. funny how life works. how we're kinda in control, but really, we're kinda not. apologies for the poor and elementary syntax throughout the length of this post. time has been flying and i havent been writing or reading as much as i should. since the last update...future put out two albums, big sean, j.i.d, and most recently drake each released their own. work is busy, i've worked a full month of 6-day weeks, with this weekend being my first full weekend off since february. we have spring break coming up and im thinking of re-visiting hong kong one last time for a few days to take some photos and do some things that i wasn't able to when i was there in january. probably won't visit again for some time after that, as i'll most likely opt to start exploring other areas that have recently caught my interest. some good news though; i've finally been getting some experience with portraiture that i've been so desperately wanting and added a session to my "people" tab with munich based curator and designer, tianyang li, which you can check out here. i've developed my first three rolls of film since putting my film camera to work and i've shared a few in the gallery below. still a lot to learn, but really fun and rewarding nonetheless. new people have been met and positive connections have been made in hopes that i can build and take advantage of some opportunities that might present themselves in the future.  

also, life has hit once again, as it always i'm riding the wave for now. recently my mom told me that she would be selling and letting go of her house in san antonio. that house has been my home base since moving abroad. it was where i could go back and call "home" during the holidays, where i could relax, kick back and enjoy being in the city that i grew up in. it was in the area that i was born and raised and for the most part close enough to houston and austin, where i could drive to meet up and hang out with friends. but as life must go on, so do my travels. moving forward, it's hard to say when or how often i'll be able to go back to texas. with options limited to friends and a small number of family, i've been a little bummed coming to terms with the idea that texas is no longer home (in the sense that i can come back regularly to a room and home full of memories and stories of my youth and young adulthood). despite being asian-american, i've always been so proud to call texas home, to tell people i've met that san antonio is where i'm from. how i grew up on breakfast tacos, wet brisket, weak hip hop radio stations and texas high school football. the fact that i can't go back as freely as i could in the past, and that now when i move back to the states i have no familial obligations to stay in texas , makes things a bit melancholic. or's just drake and "more life" instigating me and my feelz. needless to say, it's time to move on. as much as it might hurt walking in the opposite direction of your past, there is a sense of hope and confidence about what awaits. i'd be lying to say i wasn't scared or nervous for what life will bring, but it's exciting and intriguing at the same time. keeps you on your toes. i think it's important to be uncomfortable. i think it's necessary that we continue to put ourselves in positions and situations that we are unfamiliar with, making decisions that challenge our confidence and abilities. it's so important for growth. easier said than done for damn sure, but looking back it's always easy to acknowledge how worthwhile and valuable the experience was. one thing about my job and about moving around the past few years is that i can appreciate how each day can offer a new experience or opportunity. for the most part, no two days are the same. and that's important to me. i don't live the most exciting and eventful life but it keeps me guessing. keeps me laughing, keeps me thankful. and for that, i'll never take for granted. 

i hope i can update more frequently. i know i definitely don’t want to wait nearly two months to update between posts. i just wanted to say thanks to everyone that still keeps in touch. be it snapchat, ig, fb, comments on the site or lurking and sneaking on social media platforms bc we secretly have a thing for each other even though we doubt it’ll ever work because of the distance or the status of our acquaintance-ship (lololol yooooo im kidding, i can’t help that i’m too funny). i know life happens, people fall in love, people fall out love, people pass, and people walk into our lives. always wishin and sending the best yall’s way wherever it is you may be. i’m always grateful and thankful to have crossed paths as we continue to grind and aspire with each day that passes. it’s all love and thanks again for checking in, fo sho