smack talk

things i may, or may not say out loud.



it's been about a year since i signed up, created this website and made it public in an effort to keep myself accountable for the things happening in my life. some stretches more productive than others, clearly.  this past week one of my good friends and his colleague/designer, wini, needed someone to take photos of her body painting work. she's super dope and talented. on top of dat, i was able to get some practice with the new background kit i recently bought. hoping to learn and gain more experience and familiarity with studio lighting and set ups on a much smaller and elementary scale in my apartment. it's a tight fit but itz coo. happy holidays to everyone who comes across this, best wishes and blessings to yall and your loved ones as we close out and conclude another crazy and unpredictable year. here are a few photos and don't be afraid to holla and get in touch HERE. take care, fo sho.