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the chi


a quick trip to chi-town with baddie b to kick off the winter holiday before heading to kona, hi. two full days in the windy city, regretfully, is definitely not enough. after the first full day we realized there just wasn't enough time to do everything we really wanted. there's so much left to see, eat and do. the weather was cold but not too crazy (according to the locals). as i'm typing this i just checked the weather and it's about 2 degrees fahrenheit currently in chicago. when we were there it was about 42 and i was layered x4 trying to survive and stay warm; anything below 50 and i'm a popsicle. the thought of single digits makes me cries. i thought that maybe planning a trip earlier in december might allow us to swerve and avoid any heavy snow that might interfere with travel plans. to keep it real, i was just trying to avoid walking around, sight-seeing a living and freezing nightmare. 

overall we got some shopping done, ate at a few good spots,  spent time talking out some tingz wiz baddie b; working on us, and checked out the view from the hancock tower. at one point during the trip i had some mad cravings for american chinese food after living in china and getting the real deal for the past year and a half or so. we made a 2am trip to a place in chinatown we thought would be popping late night based on some reviews. long story short, i won't be craving american chinese food any time soon... the food had me leaking. their general tsao chicken tore up my stomach and the the wonton soup had some gastrointenstinal magic mystery meat that induced with me a strong dose of bubble gutz for about 2 days mang. chinatown - 1 , josh dean - 0. we stayed at the james hotel which was centrally located and had a comfortable bed. we mostly uber'd around everywhere and concluded we'd have to visit again for at least maybe 4 nights to get a better sense of what chicago is really like. i wish we had more time, but such is life.  this is by no means a travel review or guide, i wasn't taking pictures of everything we did, nor was i really taking notes. just some stuff here and there. check out a few pics from the trip down below. hoping everyone had a very merry christmas spending it with their loved ones. stop by and comment here to catch up, would love to hear from any and every one. all the best, fo sho.