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the golden rule

nov 4th. all this jewelry is no use when it’s this dark. all this investment is no use when there is no return. i still adjust and struggle to accept that sometimes things don’t turn out the way we want them to even though we want them so bad. how we think we’re trying so hard for something to happen but seemingly only talking to a wall. almost like we’re a slave to hope. how our faith, and believing in something we can’t see, sometimes fails us when things don’t materialize the way we think they should. even when we think we are trying so hard. sometimes we want to control the situation we’re in by thinking that we can change the output of the others involved. but the truth is that we can’t change people, attitudes, or ideas unless they want to be changed. and as the story goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink. we can only control ourselves. i think it’s funny how i thought i was the one with sense and wisdom, telling my sister that she can’t expect someone to change for her if they weren’t willing to change for themselves. how in the midst of falling you lose your sensibility. how admittedly, sometimes you need to take your own advice. it’s always easier from the outside looking in, but at the same time sometimes you need to have a backbone and tell yourself that you’re number 1, always. no exceptions. sometimes loyalty is not enough to prove to people that you’re worth the change, worth the priority, worth the time. and if you’re not, no love lost but maybe it’s just not meant to be. we always want to see the good in people, always running back, no shortage of second, third, fourth “chances”. as they say, treat others the way you want to be treated…true story…most of the time… but we have to respect ourselves first and foremost. 28 years is a long time. life would have been a lot easier had i known the things that i know now. maybe that’s why life is funny. he always gets the last life. heh. 

included some pics from the past month or so. from dallas to shanghai, 7000+ miles away. feel like i have a backlogged collection of photos that are just sitting on my hard drive. i read somewhere that they do no good if you’re the only one looking at them. so here i am sharing and making them public for whoever comes across them. i take hundreds and thousands of bad pics, hoping that the next time they're not as bad. learning is humbling. always being reminded that there’s always room for improvement. 2 posts in one week, making progress. still trying to figure out what to do with the home page, but the “places” and “faces” pages have gone through a makeover that i think i’ll be keeping. thanks for stopping by. and big ups to my mang christian aka don fran for always checking in and looking out. even though we don't get to hang out as much he's always looking out, always supporting me, always encouraging me and truly and genuinely believing in me.  a ride or die day one, means a lot. i was never in a frat, or never had much of a "crew" back in high school or uni, but don fran a real one, always.  big ups bad mon fran. all love mang. feel free to roast the site, suggest or recommend, say whats up, or re-connect HERE. hope everyone is well, wherever it is you that you might be. stay up, peace. hbd, me.