smack talk

things i may, or may not say out loud.



in three months i feel that i’ve gone through more emotional highs and lows than probably any other stretch of time in my life. i’ve been turnt to max, and i’ve felt love, hate, joy, anger, confident, doubtful, disappointment, elation, broken, accomplished, betrayed, taken advantage of, challenged, victorious, empowered, humbled, doubtful, hopeful, unappreciated, cheated, encouraged, discouraged, tired, funny (as always), alive and free. i could go on and on giving a detailed account of all the documented moments in my memory that have stuck out and made an impression on me since july. but, that would 1. keep me writing forever and 2. leave me with nothing to update at the conclusion of that post. 

so…i’ve vowed to seriously…SERIOUSLY be more active and up-to-date with this website. not only as a passion project to prove to myself that this can be more that just something to kill time with, but also to hold me accountable for what i enjoy doing and where i would like to see myself in a year’s time. i wish i knew the things i know now when i was coming out of high school. i wish i was exposed to and had seen different parts of the world earlier in my life. but life wanted me to see that later. we’re all on different schedules, and i’m starting to become okay with that. graduating, having a wife, family, house and a job that provides will happen (i’d like to think) but just not now. i’m hopeful that a year from now, things will be different. hopefully for the better, but life is funny like that, so we’ll see what happens. in the meantime i’m pretty focused and intentional about seeking more opportunities, acquiring and learning new skills, updating and adding to the content and substance of this site in hopes of creating an opportunity rather than sitting back and waiting for one to come along. 

here are a few pics from a sunday night out with a few friends. after meeting up with amanda and others and checking out nike lab x158 around the corner to grab a pair of the nike zoom fly sp’s from the restock, we managed to grab a few photos from the entry way of one of the popular chinese night clubs in the area. i had my camera with me at the time and thought the walkway had cool and futuristic vibe.

to wrap it up and like bacon on a mexican hot dog, i updated the front page to change things up a bit. i’ll probably be rearranging and reformatting the site to make it more viewer friendly for navigation, hopefully you’ll find your way back to the site to follow up and check it out along the way. thanks for coming thru and reading this while dropping one on the toilet. promise to post more often fo sho.

c ya when i c ya #bang#bang.