smack talk

things i may, or may not say out loud.

this is . . .


a starting point. i can't be certain as to where this will go, where the final destination of this effort will be, if something actually will develop from this...but its here. would love to get more experience, maybe some second shooting opportunities if i could, we'll see. i think i'm pretty reasonable, i don't really need to get paid for anything. that free.99/hr + a meal is good for me. there was a lot going on last week. professional obligations (that i've regretfully procrastinated and put off), looking for a place to live, nike acg drop at nike lab x158, push fest, soul crates, pretending to be productive, getting sick with a head cold in addition to poisoning myself and acquiring the bubble gutz that tore me to shredz. no lie, i was genuinely fearful that i would accidentally surprise myself out in public, SMH. 

the one thing that i appreciate most about living in shanghai is the abundance of stuff going on. the exposure and access to different arts, disciplines and occupations is beyond anything i've grown up and been familiar with. it's a life i didn't know, experiences i had never been exposed to. where i'm from you don't meet artists, producers, editors, writers, developers, designers, advertisers, marketers, engineers, web developers, curators and business people so regularly at your local hip hop bar (shout out dope shifu). back home parents were teachers, nurses, had office jobs, in the military, worked retail or had trade skills. that's what i knew. those were the families of my friends, i love them all. as much as the past three years have been a blender of emotions, doubt and wtf's, it's been real. sometimes i think to myself "if i had a better sense of my own identity and knew what i really liked coming out of high school, what interested and engaged me...maybe things would be different.". but we live and we learn, and we're learning to live. life is funny, but it's intentional. it's calculated, it's conscious and it happens because it was supposed to happen. 

we arrived late but still tried taking some pics at push fest (china's first skate-film festival). something that tokes99 from #NT brought up that i'm completely on board with is the fascination and allure of what skaters do, respect. the parallels and metaphors to the everyday life and grind are 2 real. but personally i'd suck. i pushed the ISO upwards of 4000 & 5000 because i don't have my own flash. i struggled most of the time i was there, but picked up on a few things if i'm ever in that type of environment again. some photos look super grainy, most of the stuff i took home was straight basura but it is what it is. #embracethegrain (mjbetch #NT). gonna be pretty tied down the next 5 days but gonna try to add a photo update of the day-to-day over here since i try to take my camera with me everywhere now, fo sho.