smack talk

things i may, or may not say out loud.



i was able to go back to san antonio and spend christmas at my pop's house with my sis. we all haven't shared a christmas together in about 5 years, so it meant a lot that we would be under the same roof this year. you know, my dad isn't perfect but he's my guy. and i could tell he enjoyed having both of us home for the holiday. it was really nice, and without getting too sentimental and emotional...i'm just gonna say family over everything; through both the good and the bad.

an added bonus to the visit was that i got to stop by houston where a lot of my mangz are. stayed with my boi ce0 mike and shot the breeze and caught up. finally got to check out the classroom in rice village. awesome space. definitely recommend checking it out if you're into all things gentleman-ly. things got poppin' when we met up with the whoadies (john, ray siao pao, o-score + kat who i hadn't seen in more than 2.5 years)  at genji's. afterwards we went to barberella for strictly 90's and early 2000's hip hop n rnb. always a good time whenever we go out. damn, i hate trying to compare it to going out in shanghai because it's just different when you're out with a solid group of friends. always memorable. i love those guys. for real. true friends, facts. i was only in screwston for two days, but the plan is to meet up this summer. hopefully japan (again), so we'll be working on that until then. 

overall, a much needed recharge and re-up from all that's been going on back in shanghai. it was really nice to just sit back and do absolutely nothing, without worrying or thinking about anything more than which nba or nfl game to watch. this was a short visit, but really made me appreciate what it means to have good friends. i don't have a ton of friends, most of the time i'm actually a bad friend and fail to reciprocate the efforts and attention that others show towards me but, i know what it's like to have a loyal friend. someone who genuinely looks out for you. someone who tells you how it really is. someone who literally doesn't give a shit to sugar coat things just to be nice. that's hard to find. people get busy and caught up in their own lives. so, to have someone that puts forth the effort to stay in touch and keep up with you...that's meaningful. i know moving forward, i'll be reminded to be more mindful and appreciative of those gestures. so to you, thanks for believing and putting forth nearly all the effort to maintain our friendship over the years. i don't take it for granted. happy holidays to everyone that comes across this. hope that yall were able to spend time with the people that matter most. 

skipped an update last week, just a few pics since being back in the tone and h-tiiiiiine