smack talk

things i may, or may not say out loud.



life is busy. i suppose i'd rather have more things going on than not enough, at least for the time being. at the minimum, it makes me feel productive and pseudo-important. even though my schedule seems full of things to do, i find myself making and setting aside time to do things that i want to do, even at the expense of not completing what really needs to be done. not always a good thing. it's a topic for another time, but what all too many 20-somethings ask themselves over the course of the day; doing and pursuing what truly makes you happy vs. the paycheck that pays for the student loans that have been holding you back and ruining your life since graduation. finding that balance of being professionally productive and maintaining a level of happiness and fulfillment in an effort to avoid the burnout. but real t, real t, they're all just excuses. if you really believe in it just do it, w0rd to the swoosh. just. do. it. easier said than done. but thats why the people we look up to and admire, are the people that we look up to and admire. they went out and did it. my boy ce0 mike put it best...there is no blueprint. things take time. things will happen. 

on another note... i'm shamefully, and sometimes un-shamefully selfish. consequently, there have been occasions where it negatively affected some of the relationships i've built. regrettably, even with some people closest to me. to them, i'm sorry, i apologize. living and learning. admittedly, i get too caught up in the notion that you have to catch your happiness, no one will chase it for you. it can be blinding. as with many things, there needs to be a balance between the two. making moves for yourself but not neglecting the relationships and day 1's that have held you down. this topic of discussion has come up multiple times recently within some of the conversations and dialogues i've had with friends both old and new. especially with one of my main mangz, don fran. i think people are selfish until they find someone or some cause that makes them abandon their selfish tendencies...and for those people that hope and demand that change from you, it's unlikely to happen if it's not happening genuinely on its own. just my .02. 

here are some pics of daily life recently. eat, cafe, wander then think about what else i should be doing with my life. nothing significant, just the everyday happenings living on this side. yayayayaya