smack talk

things i may, or may not say out loud.



sometimes the hardest part about living abroad is finding and connecting with people genuine enough to call a real friend (no fake love). the type where yall laugh so hard you struggle to breathe... outside of breakfast tacos and brisket, that ranks towards the top of things i miss most (whoadies. squaaa, squaaa, squaaa). but people come and go. people have their own agenda. people arrive to the city looking for the same thing and end up trying their best to meet as many people as possible to feel included, wanted, accepted and busy. its cool, its normal, i get it. but it's tiring. it takes effort to get to know someone, get a feel for them, then start hanging and chilling with them regularly. it's a process. but we're impatient. for me, a couple genuine and sincere friends + a honest, positive vibin, swagu shorty with an appetite to match josh dean would do just fine. but people can and will let you down, some people are lame, some people are pretentious and sometimes its the difference in culture that makes you hesitant to reach out and connect with someone you've never talked to before. but they'll come. things will work themselves out. i'm hopeful. all that being said i've met some A1 people since being here.

something i read recently to close out, "timing is the one thing that we often forget to surrender to"...things happen when you give them the honest chance. things take time. 

i'll be going back to tx for a little more than a week in december. looking forward to it. it'll be a nice little get away from all the things going on in shanghai, which would need several drinks and good playlist to write about for another time. fo sho.