smack talk

things i may, or may not say out loud.



life is funny. living and learning and learning to live. 

im getting older but still fancy and take a liking to all things hip-hop, urban and hype-beastie. exhibit A...the Ultraboost 2.0 in the olive colorway. can't lie, i've been feeling all things olive recently. im a far cry from a fashion snob; streetwear, workwear, practicality and functionality reign supreme during my day-to-day. sole acquisitions come on a strict availability basis. if they're available the retail gods have spoken, it was meant to be. if not, then on to the next. i can't convince myself to camp out and wait in line. but, these are flames. simple, versatile, comfortable and beater destined. even the teaser photos of the 3.0's look like trouble. they won't look new for much longer so i figured i'd admire them in all their glory before putting sole to pavement. #saucy.