smack talk

things i may, or may not say out loud.




this was probably a year and a half in the making. put off and delayed thanks mostly to self-doubt, lack of confidence and worrying that people wouldn't ever stop by to look through what i had been wanting to share. things change, people do too...that's when i decided that this isn't for anyone except for myself. hataz gonna hate, but josh dean always gonna be josh dean. shoutout and big thanks to all my friends who always kept it real with me, hyped me up, gassed me up and told me the things i needed to hear, not just what i wanted; 100. don fran, ce0 mike, lam pei shi, mom, sis, and pops, people i met in cnx. if i ever catch fire, im gonna grill & we all gonna eat at the same damn table. i said it here first...


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